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FiveT has always been focused on investing in innovative and technology driven companies - early in the cycle. Therefore, many investments were made in the space of biotechnology, digitization, and energy transition. In 2021, FiveT set out to finance the foundation of the hydrogen economy by launching a greenfield infrastructure fund, targeting 1 bnEUR assets under management by year-end. FiveT Hydrogen was co-founded by an experienced team of world class hydrogen and financial executives, and with the backing of 3 large US listed industrial companies.

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How we work

We are dedicated to delivering clean hydrogen infrastructure projects at scale and will focus on investments to produce, store and distribute clean hydrogen in Europe, North America and Asia. We believe that clean hydrogen will transform the world's energy sector, creating a vast value-creation opportunity. This venture is expected to play a significant role in the decarbonization of the global economy by attracting substantial and much needed funds to the hydrogen industry.

A working culture fit to help you achieve your goals.

"Together, we strive for sustainable success, impactful for everybody involved." - Pierre-Etienne Franc

Who we need

Clearly, we are looking for high-performers and exceptional skills.

Beyond that, what makes a new joiner an ideal candidate, is a perfect match in terms of personality and attitude. FiveT Capital and FiveT Hydrogen are the result of a team of entrepreneurs joining forces to create new and significant players in the respective fields. We are energized to the core and always act based on a growth mindset. Everyone joining shall fit into that mentality and add their individual touch.

We therefore look forward to work with grounded, open minded, kind and trustworthy team members who put their brilliant minds together and contribute in financing and building the hydrogen economy and decarbonizing the world.


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