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About FiveTHydrogen

Starting in 2021, FiveT set out to finance the foundation of the hydrogen economy. We believe that clean Hydrogen - an energy carrier, created with close to zero carbon-emissions - will transform and decarbonize the world's economy, creating a vast value-creation opportunity. We'll be making our planet liveable for generations to come.

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Management Team

Highly experienced team with the right mix of strong hydrogen industry exposure and strong financial and strategy back-ground.

Pierre Étienne Franc (Managing Partner, CEO, BoD)
  • 25 years of industrial experience
  • General Management of large asset base companies, venture fund & tech companies
  • Large project BOO & JV development globally
  • Founder & secretary of the Hydrogen Council
Dr. Nicolas Brahy (CLO, General Counsel, BoD)
  • Strong track record in developing Public Private Partnerships over 14+ years
  • 10+ years in the hydrogen sector
  • 5 years as Managing Director of Hydrogen Europe
David Crnjac (Partner, COO, BoD)
  • ~10 years corporate strategy experience, with focus on efficient governance/processes
  • Execution oriented project and transformation manager
Sebastien Paillat (Partner, Investment Director)
  • 18 years of experience in investment, M&A, venture capital, asset management and project finance
  • 10 years proven track record in hydrogen & industrial gas industries
  • 8 years proven track record as Investment Banker for Lazard, UBS and Barclays
  • As of early June
Marc-Alexander Baier (Executive Director, Global Head of Business Development)
  • HK-based business development & senior investor relations executive
  • Comprehensive global network within the institutional investor community
  • Proven track record in developing and maintaining productive relationships
Wieland Kreuder (CFO, BoD)
  • Lead compliance & regulations expert
  • 20+ years experience in capital markets & investment management
  • 14+ years at FiveT Capital AG
Pierre-Germain Marlier (Investment VP – Industrial)
  • 6+ years of relevant project finance & investment experience
  • Proven track record in hydrogen infrastructure development and M&A
  • 2 years in investor relations & hydrogen ambassador
  • As of 1st of August

FiveT Clean-Hydrogen Private-Infrastructure Fund

The FiveT Hydrogen fund is a pure-player and will exclusively finance projects in the productionstorage and distribution of clean hydrogen. Our strategic simplicity makes us the clear choice for every investor who is looking for (1) strong infrastructure returns, (2) precisely adding clean Hydrogen investments to the portfolio, (3) true sustainability making a lasting impact on environment, society & businesses.

Experience Hydrogen

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