FiveT verticals bear outstanding sector expertise and allow for focused investing with impact

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FiveT Group is an independent privately owned Swiss investment holding company established in 2006. Based on excellent investment capabilities we develop strong verticals with deep-sector specific know-how to invest in an impactful way and enhance the lives and well-being of future generations. Our thematic subsidiaries with deep industry networks focus on energy transition, financial technology, and life sciences.

FiveT History

FiveT established – the foundation was laid out

Launch of the FiveT hedge fund “FiveMore” following a long-/short-strategy

FiveMore books exceed 200 mUSD

1st BioTech / Life Sciences investment

1st Fintech Investment

Creation of the corporate venture fund “Avaloq Ventures”

A JV with the globally leading wealth management platform company ‘Avaloq’. The venture fund targets early-stage fintechs from the ecosystem. By investing in the fund Avaloq clients can participate in the upside of fintechs they source through Avaloq.

Creation of FiveT Hydrogen 

Aiming to finance the foundation of the hydrogen economy. Starting with an infrastructure fund and 300 million Euro in seed financing, we rapidly created Hy24 – a joint venture with Ardian – and landed at 1 billion Euro first closing by the end of the year.

Creation of FiveT Emissionzero

It is bridging FiveT’s longstanding trading capabilities and the purpose of Clean-Hydrogen. Emissionzero funds invest into CO2 certificates predicting a steep increase in costs of CO2 emissions/offsets. To tackle those costs, for many industrials hydrogen will be the only option to decarbonize

Our latest news

Ancient Parable of the Five Talents

The name “FiveT” originates from the ancient parable of the Five Talents. 
In ancient times a master sets out to travel and puts his servants in charge of his goods for the time he was away. The servants were entrusted with the significant wealth of talent: Five talents for the most skilled one, three talents for the second most skilled servant and one talent for the least skilled third servant. While the first two servants decided to put what they were entrusted with at work and obtained a profit from their activities, the third servant - afraid of losing the talent he received - buried it to keep it safe and handed it back to his master upon his return. Finally, the two servants making profit were rewarded by the master while the third one was punished. 
Countless papers and dissertations have been written on the meaning and the moral of the parable. To us, it's striking that even thousands of years ago, people understood the importance of that taking calculated risks and investing the funds you have is the right thing to do. Selecting the right service providers to do the investing while you can’t do it yourself is critical. This is what inspired the launch of FiveT: working to contribute to the greater good by helping you do what you're best at.

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