FiveT Fintech

FiveT Fintech privately and directly invests in and supports exceptional entrepreneurs redesigning financial services through digitization and the use of cutting-edge technologies. Formerly known as Avaloq Ventures, we are working closely together with Avaloq’s ecosystem consisting of over 150 financial institutions, spread across more than 30 countries with over $4, 500 billion in client assets, as well as 120+ fintech start-ups. Being at the forefront of financial innovation, FiveT Fintech helps and advises banks and financial service providers to venture into new areas and provides early-stage fintech companies a platform to prosper and scale.

Key People

Francisco Fernandez

The banking industry is ripe for disruption. New technologies such as blockchains not only reduce transaction costs but also create new business opportunities.

Our Portfolio


Integrated software platform allowing independent asset managers to automate repetitive work and to focus on core business activities.


Fully integrated hot-to-cold digital asset management solution for banks and exchanges in need for a comprehensive, highly secure, flexible and scalable self-custody infrastructure.

Optio Pay

Open banking solution for actionable, personalized and value-adding recommendations based on user’s bank account data, as well as a payment solution for a cost-efficient disbursement process.


Software solution to accelerate the entire process of recovery of foreign withholding taxes on capital income through a high degree of automation – from the initial data import to the final booking.

Enterprise BOT

Conversational chatbots, which are available 24/7, to automatically answer customer queries, forward emails to mailboxes and interact with customers to identify their needs.


The provider for country-specific and regulatory compliant tax reporting for digital assets. Building on high-quality API connections to major exchanges for an easy data Import and a vast knowledge of taxrelevant events.


Industry-leading analytics and AML solutions for monitoring numerous native crypto currencies and tokens, even within DeFi.


A digital asset technology company offering enterprise-grade, compliant crypto price feeds and market data on-chain through oracles.


By merging Music, Finance, and Tech, Utopia bridges the data gap and partners with the whole value chain to make ‘Fair Pay for Every Play’ a reality.

Proof of Impact

Real-time ESG analytics and reporting platform, transforming automatically collected data from internal systems into actionable metrics and insights.


Leading team of Swiss accounting experts supported by proprietary, state-of-the-art bookkeeping software. Numarics' mission: to focus on SMEs' financials, while they focus on their business.

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