FiveT Hydrogen

Set out to become the 360° financial partner to the clean hydrogen industry

We are on a mission to help the world’s energy transition by financing a growing hydrogen economy at scale and working to decarbonize the way we live.
We believe that clean hydrogen - an energy carrier, created with close to zero carbon-emissions - will transform and decarbonize the world’s economy, creating a material value-creation opportunity.


By developing directly or through joint ventures a fund-family that covers a large variety of asset classes and strategies, we are establishing the missing financial puzzle piece to support the clean hydrogen industry scale-up.


By bringing to life a wide range of financial solutions we have the ambition to become the 360° financial partner and a catalyst to the hydrogen ecosystem. Everything we do shall be significant in size and impactful to the industry and therefore playing a critical role in the decarbonization of the global economy.


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    Hy24, our 50/50 joint venture with Ardian

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FiveT Hydrogen and Ardian joined forces to create the 50/50 joint venture Hy24

When launching FiveT Hydrogen, the hydrogen industry’s most imminent need was to secure funding for infrastructure projects through financial investors.

Our private infrastructure fund initiative kicked-off with strong momentum and a 300 million Euro pre-marketing allocations by Plug Power, Chart Industries and Baker Hughes. 

In October 2021, FiveT Hydrogen partnered in a 50/50 joint venture with Ardian, a world-leading private investment house, to accelerate this encouraging start and ensure a strong and sustained development. With Hy24, FiveT and Ardian form the perfect combination, bringing deep hydrogen industry expertise and a great private investment track record. 

The Hy24 platform and the Clean H2 Infra Fund are investing in the entire hydrogen value chain, from upstream projects like renewable hydrogen production to downstream projects like refueling stations and captive fleets. Our joint venture fund vehicle is up and running with 2 billion Euros of allocations and three executed investments. With strong industrial expertise at its heart, it has a unique capacity to accelerate the scaling up of the hydrogen economy.

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