'Shaping the hydrogen industry': Hy24 targeting upstream and downstream opportunities

“Let's build the 100-megawatt projects now, so that in 2025 we can build the gigawatt size.”

HY24 Chief Executive Pierre-Etienne Franc was interviewed by Upstream's Josh Lewis to share the vision we have for scaling the hydrogen economy.


As the world’s largest clean hydrogen infrastructure fund, we are uniquely positioned to invest across the whole #hydrogen value chain.

Starting with upstream opportunities, Hy24 will principally target power-to-gas projects by taking stakes in large project developers and creating a diversified pipeline spanning different countries and industries.

Downstream, Hy24 envisions itself as a key partner to companies looking to grow the existing distributions system for heavy and intensive hydrogen #mobility. The growth of this segment will be a key pillar in our global quest to #decarbonize the economy, and Hy24 will take an unprecedented approach in dedicating half the fund to the downstream transport segment — improving fuel-cell vehicle technology and extending the network of charging stations around the world.

Our first batch of investment in 2022 will largely be targeted towards Europe where there is already strong support for clean-hydrogen development. But just like the climate itself, Hy24’s vision is global, and we see large potential in the US following the recent passing of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, as well as numerous other places around the work where large-scale hydrogen projects are anticipated in the coming decade, including in Qatar, Chile and Australia.

So let's start scaling now ... to get to gigawatt territory by 2025!