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You are a professional investor and want to invest into Carbon Markets?

FiveT Emissionzero is an actively managed fund investing into highest quality carbon markets.

Through an investment into our fund you are navigated through the complexities of carbon assets. You create a positive impact on decarbonization efforts while hedging your emission exposure as an emitter, and gain access to the substantially undervalued carbon markets as an investor.
The true costs of CO2 emissions have not been factored into today's economy, but the dynamics have started to change. Good ESG scores in company ratings are increasingly important to investors and impact the cost of capital of enterprises more and more.
The valuation of all products, assets and services needs to be carbon- adjusted going forward. Carbon markets are generally poorly understood because of their complexity, but they offer the single best way to hedge carbon exposure and participate in the big opportunities arising from the inevitable need to quickly and drastically reduce emissions throughout all industries.
Most of the publicly listed corporations have not yet started the transition from pledging net-zero CO2 emission targets to actual execution, acquiring carbon products in the market to bring down their reported emissions.


Heat records, floods wildfires and the firts start of climate migrations are the results of record CO2 émissions. Markets only start realizing what it means: business as usual cannot continue.

The US, EU and China all committed
to achieve significant CO2 reductions

world CO2 reduction

Emission reductions needed to comply with the Paris agreements targets

Emissions in Europe have gone down by 21% since 1990. That means in the next 9 years Europe has to reduce 1 ½ times more of what has been achieved in the past 31 years.

Interpreting marginal abatement cost curves

The figure shows all available emission reduction options, in order from the lowest cost options on the left to the highest cost options on the right. The height on the vertical axis shows the average cost for each option, while the width on the horizontal axis shows the volume of abatement available. Some options, such as energy efficiency, provide net savings to the business that implements them and are often described as ‘negative cost’ abatement.

Key People

FiveT Emissionzero AG (FEAG) is the advisor to the Emissionzero Luxembourg Reserved Alternativ Investment Fund Board and Executive Management


The fund invests in the highest quality carbon assets in the Compliance Carbon Market, as well as in the Voluntary Carbon Market. For details about the strategy, the markets or the regulatory framework of the licensed Luxembourg Reserved Alternative Investment Fund, please contact our experts: button

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